Healthy Choco-Oats Tea Cake Recipe by Coach Urmi Kothari

When someone says ‘oats’ we usually think of the sad old bowl of porridge which we usually gulp…

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Gooey Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Who doesn’t love a gooey chocolate chip cookie? It’s one treat that has that instant ‘feel-good’ factor, no…

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Strawberry Tart Recipe

There are days when you just feel like indulging in something delicious and nothing satiates sweet cravings better…

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Say ‘Yes’ to better skincare with Oat Flour

Want better skin? Try these simple ‘Oat Flour Hacks’ Here we are in the middle of the scorching…

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benefits of eating oatmeal

Get Summer Ready with This Easy Mango-Oatmeal Smoothie

Being in a lockdown doesn’t have to be boring. The king of fruits is back and we tell…

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The Only Haleem Recipe You Need This Eid

Year after year we look forward to the decadent spreads of Eid. Kebabs, nihari, biryani, sheer-paratha, the list…

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