Oateo Oats has launched the first-of-its-kind digital contact tracing software in the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus!

Oateo Oats, Sri Lanka’s leading oats brand has launched the first-of-its-kind digital contact tracing software in the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

With the Covid-19 vaccine still months away, contact tracing is considered to be an essential part of preventing subsequent infections during this epidemic. Oateo’s digital register works as a proactive measure to trac-e (possible) contaminants of the virus if a positive case is recorded in the facility.

The software device was installed in their milling facility in August 2020. It’s contactless cloud-based interface completely eliminates the need for physical data entries and records essential information required for contact tracing.

Every visitor is sanitized at the gate after which they receive a pin or QR code on their verified phone number, which acts as an entry pass. The software also notes the exact body temperature of the visitor during the time of entry and exit, preventing the entry of anyone who fails to meet the temperature requirements. Before entry, a high-resolution photo of the visitor is also captured and saved in the software to simplify the process of contact tracing. Furthermore, only a restricted number of visitors are allowed on a priority basis within the premises while following norms of social distancing.

Oateo Oats has flourished under its parent company Aussee Oats Milling – one of Asia’s largest oat mills since 2014, bringing premium oat offerings to the market. Striving to strike a balance between quality, taste, sustainability, and value-for-money, the brand’s products have amassed a huge following in Sri Lanka and promises the same in other parts of the world.

The installation of the contact tracing software comes as a natural progression to their safety and hygiene protocol, aiming at safeguarding both staff and consumers during the ongoing efforts to prevent Covid-19.

Speaking about the initiative, CMO Mr. Raghav Gupta said,

We have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to safety and hygiene. We are the first brand in Sri Lanka to initiate a virtual register on our premises, to ensure the safety of our staff and also customers, preventing any chance of a Covid-19 outbreak in our facility.

This software is in addition to the facility’s already existing contactless, automated production system which further reduces the risk of the virus transmitting via Oateo products.

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